Our brokers and referring partners have always benefited from working with us because they are protected 100% of the time. Unlike conventional lenders, we provide extremely unique and customized loan packages to borrowers. Whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial or any other type of loan – we can make it work. As a direct lender, we have the opportunity to provide our borrowers with the best terms possible. Learn more about the strengths of our broker referral program below.

Fast Closing

We can close your loan within five business days with no appraisals needed!

Minimal Documentation Required

All we need:

      • Loan Application (which can be filled out on our website)

      • Lease Agreement (if applicable)

      • Purchase Agreement (if applicable)

      • Borrower’s ID

Transparency & Direct Communication

Our clients are kept informed during every step of the process.

Hands-On Approach

At Dynamic Finance Group, we prioritize our relationship with our clients.

All of our clients will deal directly with our head broker and come to an understanding that works for them.

We make sure our clients know who is handling their money.